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In 1996, an Aussie skier had a bold ambition – to feel ten years younger so he could ski all day, party all night and be ready the next morning do it all again.

His starting point was the knowledge that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them work harder for longer and recover faster. So he consulted with NASA and other experts to con?rm he was on to something.

Turns out he was.

Good news travels fast.
Word got out that there were these things called SKINS that improved your power, speed, stamina and recovery. Pro athletes were the first to start wearing them – normally sneaking them under their sponsored kit. Before long, amateur athletes joined the party.

SKINS are now sold in 31 countries. We’ve got over 160 products and manufacture more than 100,000 units a month. And counting.

We never stop pushing. Never stop trying to improve – to give you even more of a competitive edge. That’s why we put all our money back into research.

The true spirit of competition.
We have our roots in Australia and that says a lot about us. We’re passionate about our sport. We’re passionate about our products – and we’re not afraid to say we’re the best.

We’d gladly acknowledge a better brand if there was one. It just so happens there isn’t.

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