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superior quality
The philosophy of quality can only start at the beginning. Research into the fabric selected, ultimately for the market which the garment is styled and the care factors which best complement the performance of the material are two critical components when assessing quality. Garment design and construction is managed by strict specifi cations that have recognised standard tolerances.
We guarantee Superiorfi t quality!

superior style
Styling can only be conceived with a specifi c market in mind. At Superiorfi t we have established younger contemporary options available in the Essentials and Basics ranges. In keeping with the extensive age profi le of the workforce we also provide a fl exible size range for most body shapes.

superior service
The aim of Superiorfi t is always to provide a quick pick 'n' pack stock service. Your order will always be treated as a priority. Our aim is not only to meet your customer service needs but to exceed your expectations.

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