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King Gee

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King Gee Description and Details

KingGee leads the market in the supply of comfortable and reliable workwear for all Australians. That is, men and women, from all industries and job functions.

KingGee has been Australia’s workwear expert since 1926 so you can be assured that garments are made to the highest quality and design standards. Insightful design coupled with quality workmanship means working hard in your KingGees never felt better.
From boots through to suits, our products are designed and developed by working in partnership with those that wear them.  Our designs are born in Sydney and then put through their paces in the workplace so that we can do the fine tuning which ensures that KingGee products are always comfortable and practical.

Whether your workplace is on a building site, down a mine, behind a service counter or in a city office, KingGee can kit you out.  We offer a full range of industrial and high visibility wear, workboots and stylish corporate apparel.

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